New Year – New Review

An insurance broker’s role is not to “sell” you insurance. The insurance broker’s role is to help you get the best possible insurance cover available to meet your business’s specific needs and to ensure you are given accurate and up-to-date advice, which will help you make informed decisions.  

With changes in personal circumstances or in business structures it is important to know that if the unforeseen event occurred, your insurance policy will meet your individual and business needs. Similarly, if you are now in a better financial position is there additional areas of cover such as Key Man Protection that are important for the ongoing success of your business that you should now re-evaluate.

Like your accountant and lawyer, your insurance broker is a professional. They should not just “sell” cover and then forget about you, they should protect your best interests. Additionally, they should not take the “hit and miss” approach of helping you put a policy in place without you understanding the reason and purpose of the policy.

If appropriate, they should also connect with your accountant and lawyer to ensure they also understand the purpose of your policy. Insurance is about relationships. Your insurance broker should be your first point of contact in the event of an incident to answer any questions and provide assistance with claims.

 The Sparrow Group take our client care seriously and consider it our obligation to ensure we are offering our clients not only the best possible cover at the best possible price, but also we aim to ensure the policy we recommend perfectly fits their needs.

The Sparrow Group specialises in the beauty and wellness industry, offering industry specific insurance. For 8 years we have been providing platinum service to all of our clients.

The Sparrow Group is an innovative, modern, effective and flexible insurance adviser group. 

A member of the IBNA Network, allowing us to maximize our buying power and strength. 

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