What is the HUB?

H – Holitisic

U – Uncomplicated

B – Business

We’re here to take Beauty Professionals to their next level, by practising our guaranteed 3 step philosophy.

Technology – Professional Development – Networking

Using 5 Key Features;

  • Revolutionary & efficient technology.
  • Increase your productivity, customer experience and reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Qualified and experienced coaching and training. Mastermind meetups, in person and online. So you get the support you need, when you want and need it, how you want it
  • Training
  • Networking – Join us for FREE at our mastermind meetups to join. a community of like minded people.

Adopting our 7 Part Formula;

  • CRM
  • POS
  • Profit Predictor
  • Online Consultation Forms
  • Sales Tracker
  • Lead Tracker
  • Marketing Calendar, appointment calendar, rosters

Saving you precious time, and money so you can spend more, doing what you want!

Bringing the best of software systems into 1 cloud based platform that is faster, used on any device and  anywhere you have an internet connection.

It has been developed in Australia by beauty industry experts for the beauty industry.

Features other platforms can’t offer, with the sales tracker, lead tracker and profit predictor –These 3 features are your “digital management accountant” which is an Industry 1st.

Review how successful your marketing activities are by doing the financial analysis of cost per lead, break even analysis, gross profit margin calculation, forecasts etc.

Community through a live news feed and public post options.  The Hub is a safe, professional growth platform, accessible only by other subscribers.

Every Month benefit from coaching, business consulting, training,  and Mastermind meetups, in person and online, every month as part of your monthly subscription!

First Class Package:

Software, Coaching, Training, Consulting & Mastermind meetups

Business Class Package:

Software & Mastermind meetups

Introductory Offer

  • Limited time FREE Upgrade to First Class from Business Class
  • Limited number available

No Lock in contract. No Upfront Fees


And ALL Proudly Made in Australia

#1 – Dashboard
#2 – Manager Account
#3 – Staff Account
#4 – Profit Predictor
#5 – Sales Tracker
#6 – Lead Tracker
#7 – Calendar
#8 – CRM (Customer Relations Manager)
#9 – Consultation Forms
#10 – POS
#11 – Dashboard & Final Overview
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